The Holy

  It’s that time of year again when we hear the beautiful story told about the Birth of Christ. The innocent pregnant girl. The strong silent husband. The angel Gabriel. … Continue Reading →


Intentional connection

  Being together is what it’s all about. Connections. We have the opportunity to deepen connections every day.  Those family car rides, for instance: trips to drop the kids off … Continue Reading →


Are you the one we have been waiting for?

  Humor me. If you can, find a plastic straw. Close one eye and look through the straw at something across the room. I asked my parishioners to join me … Continue Reading →


Not always so very merry

  On Sunday, November 20, after I finished up services at Emmanuel, I packed my bags, took Brock to a pet-sitter, and boarded a flight for what some folks refer … Continue Reading →


We all face giants

  A few years ago, while in a Target waiting for a prescription, I found myself in the book section. The title, David and Goliath jumped out at me from the shelves. … Continue Reading →


This fragile earth, our island home (BCP 1979)

  In 1972 I was in the seventh grade. Even then I was a wanna be artist and Mrs. Baxa, my classroom teacher, asked if I would design something for the bulletin … Continue Reading →


Civil discourse

  Thank you one and all for your comments, and for modeling civil discourse.   One of my current parishioners sent the following message to me and I wanted to … Continue Reading →


I tell them, “My candidate lost.”

        In another life I really should be a sociologist. You all know my favorite conversation to participate in is “How are you doing?” followed by “How … Continue Reading →


The Day After

  Wednesday was a long day.  I met with, and spoke with, and listened to a lot of people at my parish. Maybe as many as a hundred people throughout the … Continue Reading →


  So, dear blog readers, where did we leave off? Baby Brock is now eight months old and 80+ pounds of pure energy and joy. Well, mostly joy. Many parts … Continue Reading →