Through all of it

  There’s a song I hear from time to time on Christian radio.  The lyrics begin,  I have won And I have lost I got it right sometimes But sometimes … Continue Reading →

We will steal your children

  I went to a mosque on Friday to pray with Muslims. I never thought I’d write such a sentence. Or thought there would be the need to do such a thing. … Continue Reading →


Are you the one we have been waiting for?

  Humor me. If you can, find a plastic straw. Close one eye and look through the straw at something across the room. I asked my parishioners to join me … Continue Reading →


I tell them, “My candidate lost.”

        In another life I really should be a sociologist. You all know my favorite conversation to participate in is “How are you doing?” followed by “How … Continue Reading →


The Day After

  Wednesday was a long day.  I met with, and spoke with, and listened to a lot of people at my parish. Maybe as many as a hundred people throughout the … Continue Reading →


Election Eve Vigil of Prayer

  Recently the three bishops of the Diocese of Virginia encouraged the priests and parishes of our diocese to provide opportunities for people to gather and pray during this special … Continue Reading →


Look at that neatly mowed lawn!

Seven Bags Full

(written October 19, 2015) As you know, the summer of 2015 was earth’s hottest on record.  (No need for anyone to get their knickers in a twist on that comment; … Continue Reading →


Dear Lord

    Sir Jacob, later Lord Astley, a Royalist fighting for King and country at the Battle of Edgehill in England’s first civil war in 1642, uttered the following words … Continue Reading →



  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Homecoming. What is a Homecoming? Why have one? When do you have one? Who attends a Homecoming? And if you … Continue Reading →