Thank you, Heineken

  Thank you, Heineken, for keeping it real. Peace friends, Chuck   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Your … Continue Reading →


How do we say we’re sorry?

  I have been thinking about apologies.   It started when I came across a Congressional apology that was made to Native Americans back in 2009. I have always felt … Continue Reading →


Through all of it

  There’s a song I hear from time to time on Christian radio.  The lyrics begin,  I have won And I have lost I got it right sometimes But sometimes … Continue Reading →


Bystander Intervention Training

  You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about a Spanish-speaking woman and her friend who were the victim of an attack at a JC Penney store in … Continue Reading →

We will steal your children

  I went to a mosque on Friday to pray with Muslims. I never thought I’d write such a sentence. Or thought there would be the need to do such a thing. … Continue Reading →


One way to show we care

  We live in an interesting time, don’t we?  The headlines and news feeds have been spinning themselves into a frenzy.  In the meantime many of us are left wondering … Continue Reading →


It’s a New Year alright

  I went on a winter hike in the Shenandoah Mountains over New Year’s weekend with a few friends and Brock III. I’ll save sharing about the actual hike for … Continue Reading →


Risk Love

It’s hard to tell exactly what happened when, but in the few days before Christmas an incident happened inside a J.C. Penny department store in Louisville, Kentucky that was caught … Continue Reading →


The Holy

  It’s that time of year again when we hear the beautiful story told about the Birth of Christ. The innocent pregnant girl. The strong silent husband. The angel Gabriel. … Continue Reading →


Intentional connection

  Being together is what it’s all about. Connections. We have the opportunity to deepen connections every day.  Those family car rides, for instance: trips to drop the kids off … Continue Reading →