It’s Game Time!

Scott Foster is an accountant by day, and enjoys a game of hockey with friends in a beer league on the side.  Last week, on Good Friday, Scott showed up at the Chicago Blackhawk’s stadium as he does every home game, just in case the back-up goalie is injured.  Of course no one expected the 36 year old accountant to actually step on the ice, but starting goalie Anton Forsberg suffered a pre-game injury in a soccer game playing with his kids.  So the back up goalie, Corey Crawford, started the game and did great the first two periods, but left early in the third period with a lower-body injury.

Next thing he knew, Scott got the call to come down out of the stands and get dressed in his uniform.  A uniform he had brought to every game, had dropped off in the locker room when he took his seat in the stands, and had retrieved at the end of every game unworn!  Until last Friday.  Good Friday!

Scott stepped in and held one of the top scoring teams in the league, the Winnipeg Jets, to zero goals in fourteen and half minutes of scoreless hockey!

The sold-out crowd chanted “Foster!  Foster!” after every save!  “I think I’m just hitting my prime,” Foster told the Chicago Sun-Times.  “The initial shock happened when I had to dress.  And then I think I just sort of blacked-out after that!”  Scott continued, “I’m an accountant by day. So a few hours ago I was sitting my computer typing on the 10-key, and now I’m standing in front of you guys, just finished 14 and a half minutes of NHL hockey!”

You never know how or when you’re gonna get called into the game.

Scott Foster is an NHL goalie cleverly dressed as an accountant by day!

You are maybe a teacher or a police officer or a student or a fire-person or an attorney or a member of a rock band.  And we are each of those things and more.  We’re actually Christians cleverly disguised as teachers, attorneys, students, etc, etc, etc.  You get the idea.

During this week after Easter Sunday may we each take the time needed to remember that in our lives we are first Christians and then second whatever else we do.  Just like when Scott found out it was Game Time, each of us is called into the big leagues of life each and every day to be a Christian – when we love each other and when we love our neighbors, those we know by name and those distant, but neighbor nonetheless.

Every day is Game Time for Christians.  I know you know this.

Peace friends,

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