Whew! We made it!

It seems that on almost any day we see in the news a story about an animal that has survived incredible odds, like a dog born without front legs or one born without sight.  Other stories show a sense of loyalty that knows no bounds, like dog soldiers in the military who lay their lives down for their fellow soldiers as they sniff out bombs the human soldiers cannot see.   Still others survive and thrive in the face of harrowing circumstances, like a dog who survived for weeks at sea following a tsunami.  Our pet companions are pretty incredible indeed.

Some of you know that Maximus arrived in our lives ten months ago following a freak accident that occurred in my front yard when I found eleven month old Brock III either in the process of dying or having just died, I’ll never know.  Brock III was a wonderful companion and in his short life I came to appreciate his wild unbridled exuberance for life … and perhaps that is what took him in the end: he exploded with life and love, and like a comet, he was here and then he was off flying beyond the here and now to someplace I cannot yet see.

So ten months ago this cute little guy arrived at 8 weeks of age – Max(imus)

And little by little he grew

And grew

And grew

And sometimes destroyed things!

And learned to co-pilot

And became a puppy model

And grew


And owned the doggie pool

And dreamed big dreams

And grew and ate a LOT

And grew

And grew

And napped

And this is Max at one year of age.  Whew!  We made it!

Max may never scale death defying heights, or save someone drowning in the river, but he sure has been a blessing to me.  One feature that stands out about Max is his love for children.  Max loves me, for sure, but Max has an extra place in his heart for EVERY kid, and especially kids who want to play ball.  I play ball with Max as often as I can but if a kid is around Max can only see the kid!  I kid you not.  It’s awesome.  Max will follow a child anywhere and everywhere.  The night our church kids were dressing for the Christmas pageant Max was in the parish hall running from little person to little person enticing them to play with him.  He was a great distraction.

Max weighs in at around 80 some odd pounds and is pure joy.  Max is the first of six German shepherds in my family who likes to sleep with me.  During these freezing Cyclone Bombs we are having this winter I can assure you Max’s presence is much appreciated!

Stop by some day to see him.  Max loves company and he comes to church every day.  Give your pet an extra hug today.

Peace friends,


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  • Ruth Bilodeau says:

    Thanks for sharing the story and all the photos! I really enjoyed them both. So happy for you both! Ruth

  • Irène Harris says:

    Hi Chuck, I love all the photos of Max showing his progression and his clearly happy demeanor! Our almost 13 year old Buddy, a Cockapoo, just turned blind after several months of progressive glaucoma. I’m telling you this because I too am amazed at a dog’s resilience in the face something that would seem like a tragedy in a human life. Not that it isn’t very sad that he lost his vision but Buddy keeps on loving us, wagging his tail, begging for food, napping next to us, sniffing everything out on our short leash walks… and despite bumping into walls and furniture he shakes it off and moves on. He’s making progress and I start to believe that he will adjust. These wonderful creatures are not only enriching our lives but are also true role models 🙂 Have fun with Max! Hope to meet him sometime soon! Love, Irène (Hank says hi too)

  • Bonnie L. says:

    He.s absolutely beautiful–what a joy! A little different than the Crabby Cat who hides from every one except me. Twice now, when my daughter Cindy has been here,she thinks Cindy is me and goes to her,
    Our three German Shepherds were all named Jefferson Beauregard!

  • Barbara says:

    Having just had a chance visit with Max and Chuck I can attest to everything said.
    Chuck and I were catching up on friends when he pointed and Max was asleep at my feel, well actually on my foot. Content as anyone I have ever seen.

  • Jane Adkins says:

    I love Max just from his pictures.
    A year and a half ago we adopted Kit, a yellow lab/ weimerainer mix. He has taken over our hearts and our bed. And as you say he is an extra comfort during these cold days and nights. Dogs are definitely called man’s best friends for a reason.

  • Kathy says:

    Happy for you…and for Max!!!

  • Nancy K says:

    Max has brought joy to ALL of us. Glad that you found each other.

  • Bonnie says:

    Thanks, a great story and love the pictures he is a delight to all old and young I can not believe he has been with you for one year time flies. Thanks yes I gave BUZZ an extra hug today my pet

  • Joann Manzek says:

    ‘Twas a joy to read this post, Chuck! Such a proud papa you are, and well deserved. Enjoy the upcoming terrible twos ;-D. Joann

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