What would you do if you had 38 minutes left to live?

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, Hawaiians received an 8:00 a.m. wake up call:

Apparently an emergency operations employee pushed the wrong button during a routine test of Hawaii’s emergency warning system.  That triggered an all-caps ballistic missile alert to people in Hawaii.  More than a half hour later, a second alert went out saying it was a false alarm.  The person with the trigger finger has been temporarily reassigned.  This incident shows that there are major problems with these emergency alert systems, so the federal government says it is looking into it.

News coverage showed that 38 minutes passed between the posting of the accidental warning and a recantation of that warning.  38 long minutes.  38 minutes for people in Hawaii to reach out to everyone they know and love and tell them they love them.  38 minutes to hold in their arms the ones they hold most precious.  38 minutes to seek forgiveness where ever necessary.  And to offer forgiveness where ever needed.  38 minutes to stand securely in who they are and welcome whatever will be.  38 minutes can be forever or an instant depending on whether you are ever ready for such a warning.

If you had 38 minutes until the end, your end here on earth, what would you do with those minutes?

Peace friends,


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  • Kathy Davies says:

    Kathy Davies our daughter and family live in hi we got that call she thought she had 20 min. Left and she called us and then her brother to say goodbye. She said it with out sayings it but we al thought that was going to be the last time we ever talk to her. When she got off both dave and realized she was saying goodbye. So that’s what we all might say goodbye to our loved ones.

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