A New Day is on the Horizon

Those who know me have long understood that I had several reasons for becoming a member of a new church. I needed to be in a church environment where women could be ordained, priests could be married, and gay people could be treated with the dignity and respect we deserve. There were other reasons, too: Humanae Vitae, Holy Communion being used as a political weapon, and a punitive annulment system.  Martin Luther had 95 reasons for saying, “I need to follow my conscience.”  I had six.

With three sisters of my own, and three brothers too, the equality of women has always been a very important topic for me.  Which was one of the reasons I wanted to write The Tipping Point (December 14).   No more do women have to kowtow to men wielding abusive power.  As Oprah Winfey said so eloquently on Monday night, 1/7/18, while receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, “A new day is on the horizon.”  Indeed it is.

Do yourself a favor and watch Oprah’s speech:

Following this speech there was lots of speculation about Oprah running in the 2020 Presidential election. We should be so lucky! Pundits describe Oprah as more sound on economics than Bernie, understands those of us in the middle class better than Elizabeth, less touchy feely than Joe, more pleasant than Andrew and more charismatic than countless other career politicians (on both sides of the aisle) whom we voted for and whom got us where we are today! Ahem!

For those who are interested in seeing women ordained and in a church which honors their call to the priesthood, please join us. We call ourselves The Episcopal Church. All are welcome. And we mean it.

A new day is on the horizon folks, join us.

Peace friends,


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  • Chris says:

    Hi Fr Chuck — I was a parishioner at St Mary of Sorrows when you were a newly-minted priest! I have long-since become a “Recovering Catholic” — did you know there is a 12-step program for us??!! When you left St Mary’s, a few friends and I followed your career for a while, and as the years passed, we lost track of you. I was so delighted to see that you landed in your current life, complete with a new, welcoming parish and furry friends to have by your side. My life took me to Ashburn nearly 20 years ago; however, I am happy to see your smiling face once more and hear from you from your blog. We find ourselves in troubling political times, but I agree wholeheartedly with you that “A New Day is on the Horizon!” Amen!

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