Christmas Together

For those who know me know that I am a hopeless romantic. I cry at Hallmark commercials. Come on, you know you do too! Or you work hard not to, choking or coughing those emotions down!! Lol! One of the romantic notions that swirls through my mind is the thought that I would make a great dad. When I joined the Episcopal church and was in a position where I could start dating, many people asked me if I wanted kids. I would respond, “At 50+ years of age, maybe grandchildren, but not kids! I’m too old for kids,” even though I haven’t quite abandoned my dreams of being a parent. Perhaps that’s why this two minute youtube video caught my attention. Parents are busy and there are lots of demands vying for their time. Kids sometimes get left in the dust or may feel that they do. I get it. We all do. But sometimes all that children need, actually anyone needs, is the confidence that comes from knowing that someone is paying attention to them. Despite the practical demands of life that prevent us from being fully present for others at all times, we can let our loved ones know that we see them, that we notice what’s important to them. Check out this video and see if it touches your heart as it touched mine. Christmas together. Indeed.

Peace friends,


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  • Judy Davis says:

    Stocking stuffer for my 18 yr. granddaughter: A t-shirt that says All I Want for Christmas is a Hallmark Movie and a Cup of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows – all were found in her stocking from Santa! Yes, we all need to feel the love!
    Merry Christmas to you, Chuck, and much happiness, peace in the New Year.
    As for the video – tears for sure!

  • Martha C says:

    I needed that. Thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas to you Chuck.

  • Michele says:

    Great Video! Yes, I cry during Hallmark commercials and I love Hallmark movies (A Dog Named Christmas, is my favorite). And, you would make an excellent dad and you are not too old! I’m 50 and my youngest is an 8 year old adopted child and our family is talking about adopting more! There are so many who just need a forever home! Love you and Merry Christmas!

  • Alan Prochoroff says:

    Merry Christmas, Chuck!

  • Joann Manzek says:

    OK Chuck – I could see you busting those moves! A very heart warming story with great animation. You and your nieces should do a cover! LOL
    Wishing you and yours (Max) all the blessings of this Christmas season.

  • Jim Wright says:

    That was AWESOME!! The Hallmark commercials are amazing – but the Coca Cola ones are pretty darn good too!! Merry Christmas!!!

  • Ward says:

    Thank you. God Bless

  • Barbara says:

    LOVING THIS, and yes I am teary. Thanks for sharing.

  • Steve Leva says:

    Ok Chuck that was wonderful and yes, I am as big a sap as you are!

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