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We live in an interesting time, don’t we?  The headlines and news feeds have been spinning themselves into a frenzy.  In the meantime many of us are left wondering what we can do to help refugees and minorities who have been caught in the cross-fire of politics.

Scripture is clear.  In Matthew 25 Jesus is crystal clear that how we treat “the stranger” is how we treat him, Jesus Christ.  That’s what the Gospel text says, not me.  “The stranger” means immigrants and refugees – the citizens of other nations living and traveling among us.

If you do not know what exactly to do to try to show some sign of solidarity, please consider joining me and other members of my parish at the: 

Muslim American Society Mosque

6408 Edsall Rd Alexandria, 22312

at 1:15 PM Friday, February 3 

to observe daily prayer and stand with our Muslim neighbors whose community and school have been threatened with hate mail. Not just a one-time visit but the start of a faithful relationship. No need to RSVP. Just come.

Please consider watching this video and sending it on to anyone who might also care.



Peace friends,


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  • Kate Finamore says:

    I fell behind reading blog posts and am just catching up. Is there another date set for another mosque visit? I would like to go.

    • Chuck says:

      From our Facebook page: “Friday Prayers in solidarity and witness with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Join Emmanuel on Friday’s at 1:15 PM 6408 Edsall Rd, Alexandria.” READ HERE

  • Janet Rife says:

    Curt and I thought of joining you yesterday, but we had a funeral for a friend’s son here at Greenspring. I did call a Muslim woman I’d met at a VOICE meeting on Jan 29 and arranged to visit her mosque with her next Friday.

    Appreciate your insights, ALWAYS.

  • Martha mikeska says:

    Marvin & I will be at the Adams Center for Friday solidarity. Thank you for all you do as the face of Christ.

  • Michael McMahon says:

    Hi Chuck:

    Matthew 25 has always resonated with me as central to my faith. Now, more than ever, it’s time to live by those words! I hope that you are well!



  • Velvet says:

    Beautiful. Now I need a hug!

  • Shelly Greenfield says:


    Love that you are inviting people to go to the mosque for prayers. The video was powerful and human. Love, so simple, it’s always Love.


  • Deborah says:

    Powerful and perfect….wow!

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