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It’s that time of year again when we hear the beautiful story told about the Birth of Christ. The innocent pregnant girl. The strong silent husband. The angel Gabriel. The inn keeper. The shepherds. The angel chorus. The wise men. The Holy Family. All present and accounted for. They’re all there. All great folks; except for that darn ol’ Innkeeper, but even he softened and whispered to the young couple in need that there was a place out back where they could lay their heads for the night after all.

I think there’s always a danger when we hear familiar Biblical stories of feeling somehow disconnected from the story, as if the lives of those holy people in the pages of the Bible don’t resemble anything of our lives.

Au contraire my friends, quite the opposite is true, for we have much in common with these ancient folks.

Take Joseph for example. Good guy. Hard working. Honest man. Faithful to his beliefs and respectful of their customs. When caught off guard after learning the girl he loves is pregnant, even then he found a diplomatic way to take care of his betrothed, while at the same time not breaking the laws of his religion.

Joseph probably thought of himself as just one of the guys. He gets up every day, says his prayers, eats his breakfast, puts in a full day at work, comes home, says his prayers, goes to bed and then repeats the process, day in, day out, five, six days a week, always taking off the Lord’s Sabbath. Nothing particularly holy about any of this. Just a good guy doing what other good guys do.  

And he’s engaged to Mary. The ‘girl next door’ who says her prayers, follows the rules, works hard in her home and community, and loves her family and friends.


It’s these kinds of people God picked to raise His Son. The Savior of the World. The King of Kings. The Lord of Lords. The first born of all creation. The Alpha and the Omega. God picked an everyday working-class kind of dude to love the One Child who would save us all and set us free, if only we would follow Him.

Think of all of the wonderful places and times throughout the ages when God could have chosen for Jesus to be born. And out of all of the many wonderful options available to the Creator of the World, God chose Joe. And Mary. He trusted Himself to their tender mercy and care. Mary and Joe, the Holy Ones.

I’d argue that Mary and Joe are just like us. Not unattainable, not out of reach, Not a stretch for us to achieve in our lives. For, we are The Holy Ones too. I’d argue that God chose people just like you, just like me, to take care of this most precious of precious children.

Mary and Joseph were indeed special; but, so are we. Don’t let yourself off the hook too swiftly here. I know you don’t feel worthy. I know you’re thinking, “No Way.”

Well, folks: way! We’re very much a part of this story. God has entrusted you with the same work He entrusted to the people of Palestine over two thousand years ago – to bring Good News to the world in which we live.

That’s all Mary and Joseph were doing, really, was bringing The Good News – Jesus – into the world. And that is our job today as well. Like Mary and Joseph, we have been called to bring the Good News into a world that doesn’t always want to hear it.

So, how do we bring this Good News? We live it, one day at a time. One loving act of kindness after another. One unexpected act of forgiveness or generosity. One flicker of light in darkness. One chord and melody into a clanging din. One kiss on the cheek of another. One hand extended in peace. One embrace where there was no love. One drop of water in a desert of sand.

Just like Mary and Joe; one day at a time. Until one day their Son grew into the Man they had raised Him to be, and they sent Him off to do the work God had given Him to do. To bring the Good News to the far reaches of the world they knew.

Just like us. God has called us to bring the Good News everywhere we go.

So, do it well, folks. Do it bright. We are The Holy, and we’ve got a job to do.

This Advent time is ending and the flicker of four candles has pierced the night.

Christmas is almost here.

Christmas is very near.

Christmas is here.

So calm.

So bright.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Peace and love to all, 


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