Intentional connection



Being together is what it’s all about. Connections.

We have the opportunity to deepen connections every day.  Those family car rides, for instance: trips to drop the kids off at school or to a soccer tournament on Saturdays. Trips across country to see relatives over the holidays or a short trip to the grocery store. Significant forays and easy side trips down a country road are all chances to deepen a connection. So are dinners. Walks. Phone calls. E-mailing. Skype. All opportunities for deepening our connections.

In each of these encounters is a chance to emerge from it and feel something different.

And that’s what true connection is all about – that opportunity to come away from a personal encounter and feel something different. To gain an insight, empathize over a struggle, share a laugh, or somehow understand the world in a slightly new way.

This Christmas season how about making the most memorable gifts be about connections. Connections with your siblings. With your parents. With grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. With friends who are like family (or, in some cases, maybe even more special than biological family?!).

Do we really need another perfectly wrapped gift under the tree, or might a more lasting memory be an occasion spent at the side of a river talking and catching up with someone you love. A trip to a major – or minor – league ball game. A visit to one of the museums nearby. A walk shared together along the C&O Canal. In this hectic season of gift exchanges, please consider intention. What is your intention in giving the gift in your hand? What is your intention as you shop Amazon Prime? What kind of connection will this gift create? What does Jesus think of the gift I am about to give?

I hope your intention with every gift you give is to make a deep and lasting connection with those you love.

Peace friends, 


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  • Marianne says:

    Fr. Chuck–this is exactly what our Christmas was . . . without small children or even teenagers in the house, the gifts were fewer and far less exciting (at least for me, the mom) than in years past. However we shared the day with my sweet sister, who came from Richmond to join us for dinner, and two wonderful neighbors. Now our neighbors of nearly 28 years have sold their home and are relocating to the North West. By Christmas Day, the movers had come and the house was empty. Two members of that family joined us, making wonderful memories to be added to the many we have shared over these years. Thank you.

  • Rennie Bassett says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family enjoy all the the season brings your way. Thank you sharing the children’s video. I have shared with friends. LOL!

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