What Does Your Love Look Like?

You may have noticed in the blog post My Parent’s Kitchen table (November 10, 2015), I quote Dr. Brené Brown, sharing how important it is that we know our truth, stand in our truth and be willing to, if necessary, defend our truth. As Brené says, we don’t have to shrink away from the truth or others who challenge us, and we don’t have to artificially puff ourselves up so as to make ourselves or our truth look bigger than we are; but we must stand in our sacred truth and know it and live it.

Brené’s words are a blessing to us all. She speaks truth with love. And though I have heard Brené speak a lot on several different topics, I had never heard Brené speak about her God or even much about her faith.

Advent is fast approaching in our churches as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth among us. I found a video where Brené talks about why Jesus was sent to us, and I love what she has to say. How necessary it was for God to send us Himself in the form of His Son, Jesus, so that we would know what love looks like in the flesh. God is love and likewise Jesus is love. Pure love. Here’s how Brené puts it:




Well said, right?  I love it when Brené says, “If you love the way Jesus loves, then you’ll become dangerous to people.”  Brené says that Jesus said, “I am love. I sit with the people you’re not allowed to talk to. I do all the hard things, all the hard choices. I love the people who are unlovable. I feed the people who are not supposed to be taken care of. I don’t tolerate shame. I don’t tolerate attacks. I am love and it’s hard and messy and dirty … and if you really love … I mean fierce big love … you’ll become dangerous to people.”

To understand love – real love – check out the real Jesus. Not the Jesus of cartoons and stained glass windows; but the One who loved us this big.



And this big …



And this big … 



What does your love look like?

Peace friends, 


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