A Roof Over Their Heads

When people become homeless – they are not The Homeless. When people become hungry – they are not The Hungry. When people become impoverished – they are not The Impoverished.  They remain people: homeless people, hungry individuals; impoverished families. It’s a pet peeve of mine which I borrowed from my friend Pat. One time Pat shared with me that she doesn’t like it when people are called by these categories, because it reduces people from being human, to becoming a category. Categories are easy to dismiss. People not so much.

I recently saw a wonderful video on people who are homeless. Turns out it costs U.S. taxpayers much more to let people who are homeless live on the street than it does to give them housing.

Let me say that again: When we walk by someone who is homeless we pay more to walk by and do nothing than it costs to give them a roof over their heads. Watch this video to see some of the thinking behind this:



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I love that now, finally, in 2015 it makes better sense to give a person without a home a helping hand so they have a fighting chance, rather than place them in an institution.

Prayers for all who live without a home.

By the grace of God go I. You too.

Peace friends, 


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  • Bill Zaccagnino says:

    Chuck, Thanks for posting this. If morality and being humane doesn’t convince the powers-that-be, I would hope the real positive economics of housing those who are homeless would convince people.

  • Rose says:

    Brilliant, Chuck – no truer words spoken.

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