What God Wants for Christmas


It’s a good thought, isn’t it? What does God want for Christmas? 

Hello, everyone! And sorry for the unexpected radio-silence. When I got back on my bike three months ago, I never expected that the thing that would take the biggest hit would be this blog. I’m sorry for the unintended silence, and I hope this message finds all of you doing well. Some good news: since I got back on the bike after Labor Day, I have biked more than a thousand miles. I didn’t set out with that specific goal. But I started riding about 15-20 miles at a clip almost every day since Labor Day, until it got really cold here in northern Virginia, and I’ve hit over 1,000 miles. To put this in perspective, I’ve biked more than the distance between the Atlantic Ocean on Virginia’s east coast, all the way through the Appalachian mountains, deep into the Great Smokey Mountains and well past the west coast of North Carolina. AH-MAZING! I hope to keep riding again in the Spring, and in the meantime I have joined a gym to help me maintain this good routine I’ve begun. Thank you all for your support.

When I was growing up, there were three times a year when we’d ask Dad what he wanted as a gift: his birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas. All three times, Dad would say the same thing: 

  • no bickering kids
  • world peace
  • and if we couldn’t make either of those two happen, then he’d be happy with white t-shirts, black socks, and Old Spice aftershave!

I don’t think Dad actually ever really wanted for anything in his life. I think Dad felt he had it all: Faith in God. A family he adored. A job. A roof over our heads. Food on the table. White t-shirts, black socks and Old Spice aftershave.

It’s not a difficult leap to wonder what God wants for Christmas, and how great is it that Darius Rucker produced this song. Darius sings that he thinks God would want: 

Things not found in the store

peace on earth

no more empty seats in church

every Bible with no dust

the devil giving up

more sister

more brother

more lovin’ one another

that’s what God wants for Christmas.

My parents hated conflict – conflict of any kind. Family peace was utmost in their minds. Perhaps a few tough topics got pushed too swiftly under the proverbial carpet, but it was always my parents’ first desire for peace among us kids. It worked. Maybe not like it might have worked in other homes, but it worked in our home.  As a result Mom and Dad made kids in their own image who also sincerely wish for less bickering among the kids and more peace on earth … everywhere.

Like Dad, we don’t really need any more white tees, black socks or aftershave – but in a world filled with Ebola, Taliban, ISIS, Ferguson Missouri, civil wars in Syria, Iraq and South Sudan …. it sounds like Darius is right. We don’t need more things found in a store, we need peace on earth. Peace On Earth. More sister. More brother. More loving one another. That’s what God wants for Christmas.

Peace friends,


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  • Kathy says:

    Ah….you are back! What a perfect Christmas gift for those of us who love your gift of penning life! Advent Blessings!

  • Yvonne Beck says:

    So very glad to hear from you. I was beginning to worry about you. And yes, you have two wonderful parents as role models.

  • Eliana says:

    Welcome back; Aldo and I on our way to Sweden to spend Christmas with the part of the family who lives there.

    Glad you are doing your exercises; your heart needs them.

    Peace and joy


  • Margie Fransen says:

    So good to hear again from you! That bike trip is amazing!! Wishing you well during the holidays…thanks for posting, so glad you are back!

  • Rose says:

    So glad you’re back!

  • Michele says:

    So glad to get my “Chuck” fix as I’ve missed him! I recently got back on my bike as well and realized how much I missed the beautiful scenery, cool breeze through my hair and sore bum! Keep pedaling and happy advent! Hugs!

  • mike mcmahon says:

    Amen, Chuck! I’m really proud of you for your accomplishment with biking! I walk 3 to 4 miles every day with my husky and we’d go further if there were more hours in the day, but having that time each day is a real blessing. Peace to you!

    Your Friend,


  • Candy Hayes says:

    I heard ‘Come Darkness, Come Light’ today and was immediately reminded of an Advent homily you gave at Good Shepherd. In checking my email it was good to see ypu name again. Glad that you are back!

  • Joani Peacock says:

    I loved this! Especially the story about your dad. So grounded in midst of big crazy family at Christmas! And everybody needs socks!:)
    Loved the lyrics to the song and the extremely handsome singer. But the music not so much!:) But very glad to hear your voice again!

  • ian roberts (and Kathy) says:

    i grew up in a peace-prone family too … mutual benefit in all ‘meetings’ is my ideal still … watch for
    people’s willingness to move towards each other … life’s a journey …

  • Lou Schiano says:

    Hi Chuck,

    Great to hear from you again! Hope all is well and you’re enjoying your new church. Nothing new at our house, Brigitte and I are in excellent health and getting ready for Christmas.

    Wish you and and yours a wonderful Christmas – – that includes Brock,


  • MJ says:

    AMEN, Chuck….happy to hear from you again.

    Wishing you and your family, both at Emmanuel and personal, all the blessings and merriment of this wonderful season….. And a fufilling New Year

  • Maureen Yantz says:

    Glad you are back! I have missed reading your posts. I know that our mutual friend, Michelle Sullivan, will like this post.

  • TERRY says:



  • katie says:

    Thanks and welcome back. We’ve missed you. Keep up the good cycling work.

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