Not All Are Merry

Through the years, you’ve heard me share how fortunate I was to have a beautiful childhood. Good parents. Good siblings.  And, to this day, what I like to consider as all-around healthy family relationships. I know I was lucky. 

At this time of year, although many people are filled with good cheer, I’m also reminded that for some people, holiday memories are not pleasant. Not everyone had the good fortune to grow up the way my brothers and sisters and I did. And even those with happy memories can now be saddened by grief or loneliness or regret. In fact, this time of year can be downright brutal for some among us.

Yes, as you’ll hear at the beginning of this video, the holidays are filled with warmth and cheer, pretty presents, and trees filled with lights; but this time of year can also be especially difficult for those missing loved ones. The song, Those Silent Nights was written for that very reason. The sepia-toned pictures brought back many happy memories for me, and, man, am I lucky that is my story. Thank you, Jesus!

 A year ago our wonderful Music Director Ryan introduced a new worship service at my church, Emmanuel. At this Comfort and Healing Service people who are having a less than merry season can come and join with others who would like some time to listen and pray together. If this describes you, please join us at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 1608 Russell Road, Alexandria VA 22301 at 5:00 p.m. this Sunday, December 21. Come, light candles, pray, sing and receive a healing prayer and Holy Communion if you feel so called.

You’re not alone. With God you’re never alone. Come be with us, we’re waiting for you.

Peace friends,


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  • kathy says:

    Thank you Chuck! Such truth in your words. I am readying myself to write Christmas messages to all our parishioners who lost a loved one this year…I will think of Silent Nights as I write and offer up a prayer of thanks for your ministry and friendship!

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