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You all may or may not have heard about my Diet Coke with Lime addiction.  (Not to be confused with my ice cream addiction!) One of my priest friends who knows about this addiction sent me the above photo, and my first thought was “Hey – that’s cool!”  I’m enjoying the recent “Name” campaign that Coke started, where names are printed on their cans or bottles so you can “Have a Coke with ____.”  I’ve seen cans with popular names, and names like “Friend, Mom, Family, Buddy, Pal” and so on. I’ve yet to find one that says “Chuck!” – but I’d love to have a Coke with each of you!

When I took a closer look at this photo, however, I realized it was much more than just a simple ad with a light message. The picture – which actually looks more like a painting – is heavy with profound meaning. We see a cardboard box as a stable. The cans are named for the members of the Holy Family – José, María & Jesús – and the scene includes the Angel who shared the Good News. It’s a nativity scene that makes us think about people who are homeless today, who live in cardboard boxes, and about today’s immigrants, who travel from one land to another, often facing an unfamiliar language and culture. It’s a reminder that our First Family of Faith was homeless when they gave birth to their Son in a stable 2000 years ago.  

In solidarity with all our sisters and brothers throughout the world, in this season of love, light and hope, may we do all we can to remember not just those born into our own families, but all of God’s children, those who have roofs over their heads, and those without.

Keeping you in thought and prayer.

Peace to us and all the world, 


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  • Mary-Margaret Green says:

    Very nice, Chuck. I’m very glad the blog is back — and also glad to hear in your previous post about how much biking you did this fall. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  • Joani Peacock says:

    Thanks for sharing this, my friend. Remember the jungle “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”? Those cans in the cardboard box are iconic reminder
    that all God’s children do not have a home. God bless Marco Dkane and all the good people at Emmanuel who serve at Carpenrars shelter and volunteer at Community Losgings.

  • R. Scott Krejci says:

    Hi Chuck
    I am also addicted to diet coke (no lime). Walmart had 2 liter bottles on sale for .99 and I just stocked up today. I like the image and the inspired thoughts you shared. Thank you.
    I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and happy, healthy New Year.
    Scott Krejci,
    Urbanna, Virginia

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