Come On … !


Come on, admit it, you get as excited as I do when a package arrives from UPS! We never know exactly what will be hiding under that brown wrapping paper or inside that brown cardboard box. It could be something we ordered for ourselves, or something sent from someone we know and love, or maybe even from someone we haven’t met yet!

The UPS driver never disappoints!

That’s why you have to check out Mr. Ernie, the UPS driver in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s been driving a UPS truck for 25 years, and he describes his relationship with Carson as one-of-a-kind. Carson is a really cute four-year-old, and his best friend happens to be Mr. Ernie, the UPS driver. Wait till you see the surprise Mr. Ernie has for Carson!

As big people, do we ever really understand the impact we’re making on the little people around us?  I’ll just bet Mr. Ernie never imagined the impact Carson would make on his life either. It goes both ways, doesn’t it? 

May the UPS driver be good to you this season!


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