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I have a leaky refrigerator. It cools and freezes things fine enough in the appropriate sections, but I also seem to have this pervasive drip that comes from high in the refrigerator and somehow weaves its way to the bottom beneath the clear plastic vegetable bins. I keep one of my black dish towels shoved under the plastic bins to catch the water, and daily I replace the soaking wet towel with a fresh dry one and repeat the process every 24 hours. Oh how my new house has trained me so well! And, yes, I am still in the honeymoon phase of loving all things about my new house, including the drippy fridge and the wobbly toilet seat. So, I asked my brother Sean and his wife Dawn – seasoned home owners – to check out my leaky fridge. They came and after a short time they diagnosed the problem as having to do with some ice packs I had in the door of the freezer. The ice packs were apparently not allowing the freezer door to close all the way and causing condensation to drip from top to bottom.

Once we removed those ice packs the problem was solved …. until it wasn’t. The drip is back, as is the condensation, though much less condensation I have to admit. Before Dawn & Sean left I asked their advice about replacing my upstairs toilet set. They simply told me toilet seats come in two handy sizes – round, which they said is what I have and oblong and that I was definitely not an oblong. So, imagine my surprise when I walked down aisle 22 in the local Home Depot, turned the corner and was met with not two handy sizes, but a wall filled with 33 different kinds of toilet seats. I tried to not focus on the fact that Jesus was crucified at 33 and to instead focus in on the task at hand. Now I had to apparently choose between soft and hard, white and less white, with a lid or without, one which closed ever so softly so as to not make a sound or one which would wake the dead when it slammed shut in the middle of the night, one with plastic screws or others with metal screws which could rust in the wrong climate and on and on and on. Oh my, this was way many more options than simply round and oblong. What a freaking luxury! Right?! Do we as a culture really need this many toilet seat options?

So, I purchased what I thought was a reasonable toilet seat for my standards, brought it home and got to work only to discover that the toilet seat I have upstairs is actually still working just fine, I only had to tighten up the screws a little bit to stop it from wobbling. WHAT?! UGH! I learned a valuable lesson in homeownership that day. Slow down, Chuck. Slow down.

I have noticed this in several areas of my life as of late. Emails come back to me asking if I meant Wednesday the 25th, rather than Tuesday, the 25th? Did I mean I was coming to dinner at someone’s house or bringing a side dish with me to share? I could go on, but the end result lately has been to





My new home has many things to teach me and for each new lesson I am grateful. Even the thirty minute phone conversation I had with Joseph, the cable guy (who is in India, remember?). I was stumped when my internet wasn’t working. Thirty minutes later, Joseph, who was also raised a Roman Catholic in India, and is married with two children, had me up and running with internet capability again. God bless Joseph, which is how I am able to send you today’s blog message! (BTW – I’m not sure this is an exemplary attitude, but I always feel a disproportionate amount of satisfaction when the experts are left scratching their heads too! I’m glad Joseph figured it out in the long run. Go Joe!) Lesson learned: it’s good to ask for help.

So – lessons learned: slow myself down and know when to ask for help. Seems like good advice for prayer too.

Take good care, everyone, enjoy the blessings – and lessons – of home.

Peace friends,


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  • Darlene Spurlock says:

    Too funny Chuck! Love your honesty!!!

  • Bill Zaccagnino says:

    Chuck, You forgot to mention the seat with “Quick Release” hinges to facilitate easier cleaning of the bowl. Another indication that we have too many options in our lives…and we too often expect to. As you say, we need to slow down and we need to pause and recognize that all the options we have pale in importance compared to the families around the world who wonder whether they will have any food to eat today.

  • Helaire says:

    Lol! Chuck – your sense of humor never ceases to bring a smile to my face and a laugh to brighten my day! Thanks – and – oh – take it slow!

  • Janet Rife says:

    Very amusing and insightful, Chuck. Always interesting to hear your reaction to situations that most of us have dealt with all our lives! We love you and think of you often.

  • Joani Peacock says:

    This is hysterical! And I so true! Down to earth home owner spirituality!

  • Yvonne Bevk says:

    Slow down Chuck. ❤️

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