I can’t wait for you to meet Chris. When you first meet Chris you’ll think he’s just your average, everyday farmer. But you’ll be wrong!

Chris is an extraordinary guy. Trust me. There is very little he cannot do.  He’ll tell ya straight-up that he can’t chain saw, can’t weed whack, and can’t swim …. at all. But trust me, there’s very little he cannot do. As you’ll hear in this video, Chris’ powerful courage is fueled by the acceptance he has for himself. Imagine if in our own lives we could all do the same. It takes courage, and Chris has that in spades.

Please don’t miss the joy Chris has for life and the zest he has for living. What an inspiration.

Peace friends,


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  • Betsy Ramsey says:


  • Barbara says:

    Thnk you Chuck, this is more than inspiring, it is a challenge to everyone who views this post to stop any whining or complaining and to turn any problems into a postive moment. Wow! The Spirit is alive and living in Chris. We are all blessed.

  • Pat Pitzer says:

    A truly awesome person and his story. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring and inspirational journey, Pat

  • Helaire says:

    What an amazing story, an amazing man, and an amazing attitude. Bless him!

  • Rose says:

    Awesome, encouraging, amazing, God bless him and his parents; God forgive us for the simple and unimportant things we whine about. Thanks for this one Chuck!

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