Some Tips to Help You Love a Friend Who Has Depression


Have you ever been in a situation when you just didn’t know what to say? It happens to us all; and it happens quite frequently when we find ourselves in a conversation with someone who has a mental health challenge. How do we talk about depression, anxiety, bulimia or addiction, for example? I found the attached video offers some simple, sound advice and, most importantly, helps normalize the conversation surrounding mental health.

Having a conversation about mental health issues doesn’t have to be scary, and preparing ourselves ahead of time with tips like the ones in this video can help. Don’t be afraid to talk about mental health. Instead, initiate the conversation with those around you who are navigating through these challenges. As Shea says in the video, you just might find they are glad you cared enough to do some research on your own.

Some of you may be new to the blog, and if so I thought I’d recommend an earlier post I shared about depression. I found this video really helpful in trying to help those who do not have depression try to understand what it must be like to live with depression. If you’re interested, check this out “The Black Dog.”

Peace friends, as together we all do all we can to normalize the mental health discussion,


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  • Mary Burgess says:

    Hi Chuck! Mary here from Good Shepherd. So good to see your blogs and share your ministry. We appreciate you out here in Peru WV. This touches us because we have been/are there with sadness and depression. Thanks for reaching out and praying for all of us. We DO pray for you. Best always.

  • Sean says:

    Great blog …..
    Listen with your heart…..
    No perfect questions OR

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