Ever seen a person who is homeless and felt helpless?



Have you ever come across a person who is homeless and felt completely helpless as exactly how to respond to their need? You’ve seen them. Your mind has raced. Maybe you’ve even crossed the street. Loving and serving individuals who find themselves living on the street is messy indeed. If we think it’s messy for us, we can only imagine how dehumanizing and messy it must be for the person in that predicament.

I must confess that since I have loved and served countless individuals who are homeless, I have a bit of a bias when it comes to serving those who are less fortunate. With that said, I also know that those who want to ‘love and serve’ also need to be somewhat cautious. I especially advise women to be particularly careful to pair up with someone who will ‘love and serve’ alongside you. I know that may sound chauvinistic, but that’s not my intent. I am not implying that men are in any way superior to women in ‘loving and serving,’ but to simply request (from my own thirty years of serving those on the street): Women – please be careful when reaching out to help someone else in need. Pair up. Find a partner. Go in a group. (It’s also more enjoyable to have company.)

Having been in the situation of wishing I had some way to help, I am thankful I came across these two short videos that suggest concrete ways you and your family can help another person who is in serious need. People of all ages can get involved in this ministry. Families can grow stronger through this kind of service. Maybe filling a back-pack will lead families to talk about why homelessness exists in this world when the resources we have are plenty enough for everyone.

I’m praying for those in need and praying for you and me as we find creative ways to help.



Peace friends,


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  • Rose says:

    I can’t wait to start doing this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joani Peacock says:

    So concrete and doable for us Christans of all ages.
    And so beautifully incarnational.

  • Tina says:

    What a wonderful idea. Very doable for all age groups. Thanks so much Chuck for sharing this with us. As usual, we find outselves inspired and motivated to live the Good News.

  • Bill DeMaso says:

    Very practical videos — and the backpack idea seems so easy to do, right up to the point of engaging with the person in need. That step of engagement takes all your guts, and sometimes a good dose of the Holy Spirit! I like the suggestion of keeping a backpack in your car, just in case!

  • Ann Hyland says:

    Love the backpack suggestions and can’t wait to share it with my grand kids.

  • Bill Zaccagnino says:

    I like the idea in the second video, that is using thrift stores and dollar stores to make money go further, and potentially serve more people.

    One question I have is, how do you tell if someone is homeless? Sometimes it is obvious, but I see many people in my local McDonalds that I think might be homeless or in need of help, but I am reluctant to assume. I suppose I could just deal with shelters or social agencies, but I’m not sure that reaches the people who are having the most difficulty.

    I would appreciate feedback from others on my question/comments.

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