Apparently, it’s almost May



A young friend of mine just moved from one apartment to another, started a new job, is dating someone seriously and in explaining all of this to me in an email she said, “ … and apparently it’s almost May!” to which I almost snorted Diet Coke w/ Lime through my nose! I can so relate to that statement, can you?! Where has the time gone?  Apparently it’s almost May!

Just yesterday another dear friend of mine wrote this in an email, “As you know, I am not an emailer … is that a word? I have not gotten a blog since April 4. Is it my problem? I know you have been busy with your new house. GREAT to hear about that. We think of you often. Maybe we can get together soon…love, ….” and then she signed her name.

I wrote back that indeed it was not her and that she hit the proverbial nail on the head, I’ve just been swamped. When I bought my house I gave myself permission to finish Lent, plan and celebrate the Triduum and celebrate Easter with my new parish family. Man, am I glad I gave myself the freedom to do just that. We had a super nice Easter, and I hope you all did as well.

I am only halfway through emptying boxes and I have no intention of hurrying the process. I’ve already mowed the yard twice. I also have a parish annual retreat coming up, as well as a Spring Clergy Conference. And, I’m excited to participate at both retreats.

So, I’m going to continue to give myself a break for a few more weeks until I can sit down and attempt to send some blog thoughts out to all of you. Thanks for all of your love and support and know you are in my thoughts and prayers; thanks for keeping me in yours.

Peace friends,


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  • Sue says:

    Wow, can certainly relate to timing passing so fast!! So glad things are settling so nicely for you. Hope to see you soon and look forward to your future blogs, I’ve missed them 🙂 Cheers to you

  • Pat says:

    Congratulations on your new digs!! Enjoy and blessings on you as you settle in-Peace, Pat

  • Darlene says:

    Since you have all that free time, why not write a book! ;0)

  • Terry says:

    YAY CHUCK !!
    It is all such a process .. stay calm !!
    We are still going to come and GARDEN with you one day soon .. when it works !!
    Hi to Brock … lol

  • Joani Peacock says:

    Your house is a very, very fine house with Brock out in the yard on guard but housework and yard work are never, ever really done:)
    Congratulations, Harry Homeowner. Spend some
    time in your backyard hammock if you have one:)

  • Bill Zaccagnino says:

    Chuck, Take care of yourself and your parish family. We’ll wait with great anticipation for your next blog posting.

  • Mary Sinnott says:

    Chuck, I don’t get why you need a break. Don’t you just work on Sundays?

  • Rose says:

    About time you took some time for Chuck!!!

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