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Like a lot of you, I love the Olympics. For as much as I love watching the sports, what I love even more (no surprise) are the human interest stories about the athletes themselves. During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, moguls skier Alex Bilodeau won the gold medal in front of his home country. Yesterday, Alex won gold again in Sochi, Russia. Both times, and every time in between, Alex credits his older brother Frederic as his inspiration. Frederic has cerebral palsy, and Alex says, “Out of respect for my brother I have to go after these dreams and do all within my power to try to make it happen.”

I’m reminded how many times, as Alex says, we receive the gift of perspective when we are in relationship with people like Frederic, who work daily to overcome challenges. What a gift.

May we all remember that more is at stake here than just sports.

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