How do you get through the day?


Tell me again, how do you get through your day? Make it from one place to another?  Get from one task to the next? How do you do it? If you’re like me, sometimes I whine about the smallest of inconveniences; and then I am introduced to someone like Richie Parker and I am silenced into complete and total respect for how Richie navigates through his day and his life. Meet Richie in this video.

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  • Rose says:

    Goodness – how dare any of us complain about anything.

  • Rachel says:


  • Janet Rife says:

    Inspiring story – reminds me of a man I was privileged to meet in the 90’s in California. Harold Wilke was born with no arms. He was married, had six children, was an ordained minister and had written several books. He was one of the signers of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in the 80’s and can be seen in photos with the first President Bush at the official signing.

  • Gerry Welch says:

    Dear Chuck,
    Thanks to Milt and Eleanor, I am now reading and loving your wonderful and inspiring posts. So glad to know that you are well and happy and that you continue to share your gift of ministry. Love from all the Welches

  • Darlene S says:

    Inspiring and humbling. Thx for sharing.

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