“Are you an activist?”


When I began my transition from the Roman Catholic world into the Episcopal world, one of the things I prayed for was that God would give me choices. So at around this time last year I began reading parish profiles hoping to find a place that seemed like a good fit for what I thought I could bring to the parish. I came across several parishes which seemed like a potential good fit. After initial interviews I was blessed to have several offers to choose from. I chose Emmanuel, and I continue to be grateful that Emmanuel chose me.

During the interview process I met with members of the search committee. After the search committee felt good about recommending me as their next rector, I was introduced to the members of the parish vestry. One of the vestry members rightly and directly asked me if I was an “activist.”  I loved and respected the question and interpreted it to mean “how radical would I be?”  I responded by saying, “Yes, I am an activist for all people.”  And I am.

I believe in every human being’s right to become who it is God is calling them to be – from the unborn child to the elderly among us. Chief among those for whom I am an activist are women and those who are members of minorities. With three sisters and three brothers it is simply inconceivable to me that my sisters cannot do what my brothers can do and vice versa. Simply inconceivable to me that a woman could not be a priest. That clergy could not be married. That members of the LGBT community should be denied the civil rights every other human being has a right to receive.

I love the spirit of Sojourner Truth. Even back in 1851 Sojourner knew truth when she saw truth.

May we all do all we can to love and serve all our sisters and brothers.

Peace friends,


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