Speaking of Perspective … “The View from 42”


From the seat of his wheelchair, Randy Abbot views the world from a height of 42 inches – a far cry from his 5’9″ view of the world before he was paralyzed.  From this 42-inch high vantage point, Abbot has turned his energy to helping others by training service dogs.

As social worker Nick Borrelli points out, it is easy to have a perspective on life that sees the negative side of things. Randy Abbot does the opposite – his goal in life is to be of service to others and spend his time on work that will allow others to grow and heal.

God bless Randy and his inspiring perspective on life.

Peace friends,


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  • terry says:

    Bobby enjoyed the view from 42′ …


  • Jamey Warner says:


    I simply wanted to thank you for sharing Randy’s story with your viewers. I made the film recently in November, and it has taken on a life of its own since and has touched his life in ways that were unimaginable, and restored relationships in the process. Randy was actually a USMC combat veteran who was paralyzed during routine back surgery after his honorable retirement from service. Prior to the accident, he went back to school for animal psychology, and has since the accident, taken up training service dogs for veterans full time, and recently started the non-profit featured here. His story has so many layers, but he is such a kind and positive person, I couldn’t be more honored to have met him.

    I actually live in the Northern VA area myself oddly enough, and attend a church in Arlington. I’m also a USMC combat veteran myself who felt steered to move in a different direction in life after 10 years in service (I’m currently in grad school working on my Masters in Film full time). I honestly don’t think I had much to do with this though, and just seemed to be a means to an end that is much larger than my own efforts… and that I suppose is the best I could have ever asked for in taking a leap!

    Again, just wanted to express my gratitude for sharing the message, and for your kind words. Nick and Randy are both very dear friends, and even more amazing humans for the work they do. Couldn’t be more honored to share their efforts with a wider audience. We’re in the process of working on a full length film on Randy’s story, and I’ve been praying for some time about doing it in the right way, honoring not only Randy’s efforts, but my own values and beliefs as well. Any prayers in support are greatly appreciated.

    God bless,
    Jamey Warner

    • Chuck says:

      Thank you for the message, Jamey – and all the best with your projects! I’ll keep you, and Randy & Nick, in my prayers, Chuck

  • Bill Zaccagnino says:

    Lessons for people in a wheelchair or not. Go forth and live.

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