His wife and son were tragically killed …


Erik’s wife and son were tragically killed, and God gave Erik strength to forgive the person responsible. I won’t kid you, you’re gonna need ten minutes to watch this video, and it will be worth every second you put into it. I think we all struggle with forgiveness, and then we come across someone like Erik – and Matthew too – and our minds expand. We find ourselves contemplating something we thought we could never do … forgive.


Of all of our human challenges, forgiveness must be near the top of the list of the most difficult things to do. And then we see what Jesus did while on the Cross. He forgave those who crucified him. And we find ourselves warming to the possibility of following Christ’s radical example.

Please do yourselves a favor and watch this video. It may make all the difference necessary in your life.

Praying for you. Thank you for praying for me.

Peace friends,


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