Winter Landscaping



I’m a landscaper at heart. Love to get my hands dirty. Don’t mind blowing leaves, edging the lawn, mulching.

Every gardener knows it is at the end of summer when spring bulbs should be planted – tulips, daffodils, and irises, for example. Now, in the cold of winter, gardeners’ minds are drawn back to the brutal heat of summer, and we remember planting those spring bulbs. Gardeners know that even though right now it is the cold dead of winter aboveground, deep down, in the warmth of the earth, those spring bulbs are hard at work. Next spring’s growth is already beginning. The bulbs are storing up energy and sending forth little tendrils. Even on the darkest, coldest day, something important is happening deep beneath the surface.

In Advent, I think of all the bulbs and roots beneath the earth’s surface. It’s a time of seeming dormancy. But looked at in a different light, in the midst of death, new life has already begun.


Slow down this Advent. Honor the season inside of you. Take naps. Read long novels. Daydream. Welcome grace. Be good to you. Eat hearty soup and stare out the window at the skeletal trees. A lot is happening out there. A lot is happening in you. Trust like Mary, who said, “Let it be done to me according to thy word.” Today, we modern Americans may have trouble with that language, but that’s a major lesson of nature. Let it be.

Let it be, God, according to thy word. Amen.

I hope your Advent continues peacefully, beautifully. Deep down a lot is happening. Deep inside of you a lot is happening.

Peace friends,


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