Don’t Let Your Tank Run Dry



Author Herb Miller is an authority in church health and effectiveness and many church leaders dig his writing. He’s new to me, but I checked out his book titled, Connecting with God. In it Herb tells about a float in the Rose Bowl Parade that stalled – thus blocking the floats behind it and bringing the parade to an unexpected stop. The parade authorities brought in mechanics to tinker with the engine, but it did no good. Finally, someone thought to check the gas tank- which they found to be empty. Then, as someone went to get gas, people in the crowd began to notice that the sponsor of that float was a major oil company. It didn’t matter how many billions of barrels of oil that company had at its disposal. What mattered in that moment was whether there was gas in the tank on that float.

Miller concluded by saying that the power available to Christians exceeds the power of gas and oil. We live and serve by the power of God – but we must be sure not to let our tank run dry – not to let the cares of the world block the flow of God’s power into our lives.

God has given us all gas in our tanks – and God has given us ways in which to fill our tanks when they are nearing empty – but what God never does, is force us to drink from the source. God never inflicts Himself on us. God waits patiently until we recognize our human need for a divine Presence. Together we thank God for filling us with the Holy Spirit Who daily enables us to put one foot in front of the other and to keep making a solid contribution in this world.

Please stay close to God. He’s the source of all that we need.

During this incredibly busy season, when your tanks may be feeling understandably depleted, know you are not alone – God is with you every step of this journey.

If your tank needs filling please consider joining us at Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Russell Road, in Alexandria, Virginia. Come one – come all. ALL are welcome. Our website is:, and we are located at 1608 Russell Rd, Alexandria, 22301. Upcoming events include a Comfort & Healing Service (December 19, 7:00pm); Christmas Eve Pageant (December 24, 4:30pm); Christmas Eve Vigil (December 24, 10:00pm); and Christmas Day Service (December 25, 10:30am). We hope to see you!

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  • kathy says:

    Chuck! Wonderful as always! I just sent a link to this piece to my fellow staffers at St. Pius! We all need to remember this for sure! God’s peace upon you this Advent and beyond!

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