I’ve come across this compelling video several times now, and finally decided to share it with you here.

Online performance artist Ze Frank uses jellybeans to illustrate how the average person spends their lifetime. After subtracting time for the things we ‘have’ to do (sleeping, eating, working, commuting, etc.) he shows how much is left over and asks: what do we want to do with that ‘free’ time? He concludes with the important, and poignant, question: “What would we do if we only had one more day left?”

Aren’t those great questions?  Why not take today to seriously consider doing whatever that thing is that we’ve been putting off?

We don’t know how many days we have left … what will you do with that time?

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  • Mary Margaret Green says:

    I’m catching up on “Connections” today. This is the most effective reminder of how our days are “numbered” that I’ve seen or heard. Thanks.

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