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The contemporary Christian music group called Tenth Avenue North is from West Palm Beach, Florida where they took their name from an east-west road in Palm Beach county. Their song You Are More is a powerful reminder that we are all more than the sum total of the mistakes we make on any given day. We all have regrets, things we did, people we have hurt, things we wish we could take back, but can’t. Sometimes when we do these things we turn away from God because we feel undeserving and don’t think God wants to have anything to do with sinners like us. Sometimes we feel like we can’t forgive ourselves for the things we’ve done. Sometimes we’re stunned to have found ourselves having fallen right back into a sin we said, just last week, we’d never do again! We’re a mess!

In moments like this we have to remember:

we are more than the choices we have made, we are more than the sum of our past mistakes, we are more than the problems we create.

Regardless of the horrible things we have done, we are still, all of us, children of God. All of us, Prodigal daughters and sons. God loves us unconditionally. Not that God digs what we have done wrong. But, like a loving father, God stands ready to receive us Home. Our mistakes will not separate us from Him if we bring ourselves before Him and ask for forgiveness. God already knows we are sinners; it is for this very reason He sent Jesus on our behalf.

Check out this video and know that Jesus is always ready to receive us back and to wash away all our sins.

Peace friends,


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