“Ya gotta love her style!”


This Sunday the Gospel reading is from Luke 18:1-8 and is about a poor widow who nagged a judge into giving her what she wanted. In doing my research for this Sunday’s sermon I came across a story about Mother Teresa I had never heard before. I laughed out loud when I heard it, and I thought to myself, ya gotta love her style! God bless Mother Teresa and all of the other strong independent thinking women of the world who know what they want, go for it, and as a result make the world a far better place. Enjoy this one:

Some years ago, Mother Teresa planned a visit to the office of super-lawyer Edward Bennett Williams in Washington D.C. Her purpose was to enlist Williams’ assistance in building a hospice for AIDS patients.

Williams had learned the purpose of Mother Teresa’s visit beforehand. He confided to his friend, Paul Dietrich, that AIDS was not his favorite charity. They then worked on a polite refusal, which Williams practiced before Mother Teresa’s arrival.

When Mother Teresa arrived, she made her proposal. Williams nicely but firmly said that he was sorry but he could not help. Mother Teresa said, “Let us pray,” and bowed her head. Williams rolled his eyes, but he bowed his head. Mother Teresa prayed.

After her prayer, Mother Teresa once again asked Williams for money to build the AIDS hospice. She made exactly the same appeal she had made before her prayer. Williams again politely but firmly told her that he was sorry but he couldn’t help. Mother Teresa said, “Let us pray.” Williams rolled his eyes again, but what was he going to do! He bowed his head again as Mother Teresa prayed.

Williams saw the handwriting on the wall. Mother Teresa had him trapped in his own office. Finally, when she ended her prayer, Williams said, “All right!  All right!” and pledged his support to her cause.

Ya gotta love her style!

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