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It’s that time of year again when we slip swiftly past pre-season and into the beginning of the NFL football season. With the start of Fall comes the excitement of football, as millions of sports fans either attend games, watch them on television or closely watch the news (either online or on paper).  I admit  I’m a fair weather fan myself. I’m always excited when the home team is winning; but when our team isn’t doing so well, I tend to find other things to do with my time.

Every year on Sunday afternoons I watch as millions of fans file into stadiums across our country. As a pastor (rector) I have to confess that my mind wonders if those same folks filing in to watch a football game also made it  to church that morning.  My prayer is that all of those folks will begin their Sunday by giving the beginning of their week to God first. There’s nothing wrong with football, but when it is the part of the day we give the most importance, then I think we’ve got our priorities messed up. May our places of worship get more attention, more money, and more everything than we as a culture give to national football. Please join me and pray for this as well.

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  • Martha says:

    I’m a catechist and I get upset when I talk about going to Mass on Sunday and children say we can’t go because we have soccer, swimming, etc. My response is that our church makes it very convenient for them to get to Mass as there are so many different times before and after soccer that they can make. They’re usually very quiet and don’t say much more.

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