I think you’ll enjoy today’s video for Just Because Monday. Not only because it reminds us that what we put out into the world is what we receive in return, but because the video beautifully reinforces that it is in giving that we receive. Jesus knew this. Mahatma Gandhi knew this. The Dalai Lama knows this. Pope Francis knows this.

May we all give at least in proportion to what we have received. Others will give more – just because their hearts are that big. God Bless them. Bless us all.

Peace to all,


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  • Dan Mackey says:

    As you always have. You inspire me. I would love to share this video. Would you please send me the video link. Your Old Friend Dan Mackey

  • Helaire says:

    What a beautiful story. We could all learn from this. Thank you for sharing, Chuck.

  • Rose says:

    This is so moving; I could not stop crying; what you sow you shall reap; what you give shall be returned to you – so very true – It reminded me of an incident in my childhood – at least 50 years ago – my mother and I were in New York at the bus terminal waiting for our bus home to Pennsylvania. She started talking to a young woman with a baby. The woman’s husband had been deployed overseas and she was trying to get home to family in North Carolina. I saw my mother hand her some money – in fact it was all the money my mother had at the time. I asked her what she had done and would we be okay and she told me we had our bus tickets and that was all we needed to get home. I never forgot my mother’s generosity to everyone she met. I hope I have become even just a little like her. Thanks for posting this, Chuck.

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