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The quick web-search I did on contemporary Christian artist Matthew West revealed that Matthew lost his voice in 2007 due to having polyps on his vocal chords. Matthew is a married guy who loves his wife, two kids and their dog. Matthew is also passionate about writing music and singing it for all the world to hear. If you are interested in hearing the back story to what happened and how Matthew handled losing his voice then please check out the four part mini-series here. (Matthew West: Nothing to Say, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

The clip I’d like to focus on today is this song called “Hello, my name is …” I think we’d all agree that sometimes we do sinful things. Sometimes the name-tag we wear is: “regret.” Sometimes the tag we wear is: “defeat.”  Sometimes, it’s: “lost all belief.” Sometimes it’s worse.

When we find ourselves in those situations there’s a danger in thinking that we’re going to stay there forever. Faith helps us through those dark times and leads us to a place where we remember that in the end, and in the beginning, and in every place in between, we’re really, all of us, a Child of the One True God.

Check out the back-story to this great song and find yourself humming along throughout the day remembering we’re not alone.

We’re never alone. And if we want to be saved, changed, and set free – we can be, by tapping into the One True King.  Enjoy.

Peace friends,


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