Fred Craddock taught homiletics at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta. He told of two monks who attended his class. Over the weekend, they visited the Trappist Monastery in Conyers, Georgia and, on their return, they told a wonderful story. At the monastery, they were served the most delicious bread. All around the table, people were eating in silence, enjoying the wonderful bread. Finally, one of the guests broke the silence and asked a monk who lived there, “Did the monks make this, or did someone give it to us?” The monk responded, “Yes.”

“Did the monks make this bread, or did someone give it to us?”


Well, that doesn’t answer the question, does it? The question asks, “Which of these two possibilities is true?”

And yet it answers the question perfectly. “Yes. We made this bread and someone gave it to us.”  Both possibilities are true!

How different our lives would be if we were to think like that monk! Did you find your job yourself, or did someone find it for you? Did you make the wise investment on your own, or did someone guide you? Did you drive your car safely to your destination, or did someone help you? Did you get well on your own, or did someone assist in your healing?

To each question, the Christian answers, “Yes! Yes, I found this job myself and, yes, Someone found it for me. Yes, I made the wise investment and, yes, Someone guided me. Yes, I drove my car safely to my destination and, yes, Someone helped me. Yes, I got well on my own and, yes, Someone healed me.”

We’re never alone as we go through life, are we? We do all we can to contribute to every second of our day knowing that right beside us is a God Who passionately and intimately loves us and is aiding us, guiding us, cheering us along every step of the way. I once read that one of the saints put it this way:  Work as if it all depended on us, pray as if it all depended on God. Such good advice to recognize that we have to do our part, knowing God will do His part as well. We deserve credit and recognition for our part – and so does God!

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