Standing Strong Together


Perhaps I have been living under a rock, but I never knew there was such a thing as TEDxKIDS! Leave it to the good folks at TEDTalks to think of the next generation and provide a forum for young people to share their thoughts and stories. Please allow me to introduce you to Kevin Breel, a 19-year-old self-proclaimed writer, comic, and mental-health activist.  Kevin believes we could literally save lives if we make it okay to say 4 words, and break the silence on mental-health issues.  I invite you to carve 11 minutes out of your schedule to watch this talk. His words may help you save a life.

4 words.
11 minutes.
You decide.

As Kevin says we can help each other – and save lives –  if we stand strong together.

Peace friends,


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  • MJ says:

    Thanks Chuck, needed to see this today. What a wonderfully brave and astute person Kevin is. God bless him and all those who suffer from an illness that affects so many. Let’s break the silence !!!

  • Jenifer Conway says:

    Excellent and enlightening..thank you Chuck…TEDX is coming here soon and this makes me think our boys need to be. there. I’m passing it on to my friends.

    Happy Independence!!!

  • Rose says:

    All parents and friends of teenagers should watch this! There is a terrible stigma surrounding depression.

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