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One of my favorite things to do is meet and work with engaged couples as they prepare for marriage. Through the years I have met thousands of couples. During our initial meeting I ask them to share with me what they do, how they met and which one of them proposed?!?  Engaged couples love talking about how they met and who hit the knee to ask the big question. (Men still do most of the proposing … but I’m happy to share that every once in a while a woman takes the lead!) As happy as couples are to share about their personal lives, when it comes to their careers, I can’t tell you how many young people tell me they hate their job. It’s honestly shocking. And sad. One interesting thing is that though job satisfaction is at an all time low among young adults, optimism about their individual and shared futures is high. This optimism is going to get them through a lot, but here’s hoping they find what they are passionate about ASAP!


I’m sure you have met people who have a clear passion about what they love to do. They can’t wait to get up in the morning and start on their work. They are eager and enthusiastic, and they understand their purpose and are committed to living it out. That kind of passion comes from knowing what you were born to do. I have a nephew named Zack who just finished his second year at Campbell University in NC. Zack’s major is Professional Golf Management; and he is interning at a club in Newport, RI for the next six months. Zack loves golf. At 20 years of age he’s already a golf pro. He lives, sleeps and dreams golf. He has taken his passion and made the first steps towards a fulfilling career using his God-given talents to provide for himself and – hopefully, one day – for a future family. Go, Zack!

Having a passion for what you do helps you get more done in less time. It helps you make better decisions with less stress and indecision. One time a pastor friend of mine had some difficult decisions to make in regard to staff, management and allocation of funds. After prayerful consideration and consultation with his core leaders he came to a swift conclusion as to how to move forward and put his plan into action. Afterwards one of his volunteer leaders came up to him and said, “This is easy for you, isn’t it?” Without blinking an eye, my pastor friend confidently (and without any ego) replied, “This is what I was born to do.”  It was easy for him, and thank God Bill was using his God-given talents for God and not something nefarious.

When you know your passion, and work at something which expresses that passion, you become a magnet for others – people want to hitch their wagon to your enthusiasm! People want to be connected to something big and successful, and I can think of nothing more important than for each of us to do all we can to help to further the Kingdom of God here on earth. Do you have a passion that is contagious? Please consider using it for God. Can you invest well? Consider using those skills to help the church. Do you love to teach children? Consider using those skills to help teach kids about Christ. Are you computer literate? How about helping with the business of the church?

What are you passionate about? God has gifted you for a high purpose. Our life’s mission is to align ourselves with that purpose.

Praying for you. Please keep me in your prayers as well.

Peace friends,


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  • terry says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Loved reading about your nephew Zack. It is so neat when people can match up their passion with their work …
    Glad that is happening for you Chuck … sharing your gifts as the new rector @ Emmanuel Episcipal ..


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