If We Could See Inside Other’s Hearts Like God Does


I once heard someone say we should all walk around with the word “FRAGILE” written on a label and glued to our foreheads. This video gives us a glimpse into why it might be so important to treat others gently – like fragile packages – by giving us possible glimpses into the hearts and lives of those around us.  Is the quiet man standing next to us on the elevator rejoicing at the news he’s going to be a father? Or is he devastated because his wife has inoperable cancer? Because we are all coping with our own stories, it is often difficult for us to consider what other people are going through. Please watch this clip and see if it changes our life’s perspective, just a little, so that we see everyone matters. You matter.

Let’s treat each other the way Jesus would treat us this day.

Peace friends,



  • RUTA says:

    Thanks Chuck, another uplifting post. They are the thing I look forward to every day! Hugs!!

  • Dottie Skeens says:

    Happy Birthday, Chuck! The world is certainly a better place with you in it. You are a blessing to all those who have been privileged to know you. May you be blessed today and every day. Hugs galore!!!

  • Marilyn says:

    Just beautiful! Maybe we will all walk with those little bubbles above our heads in the next few years! Peace Friend!

  • Ellen says:

    Wow! This has such great insights for all, especially those that have, or have had, health challenges. As such, your Mom remains in my prayers.
    Hope everything went well with your first Sunday at Emmanuel..
    Blessings and peace to all

  • Eliana says:

    Absolutely true, everybody matters, especially YOU today.

  • Rose says:

    While there is a tiny commercial message at the end, I remain blown away by this. Thank you for posting it Chuck.

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