What a Wonderful World

I can remember exactly where I was when I realized I had a favorite song. It was 1987, and I was visiting a friend and his wife who lived in Old Town, Alexandria. After I arrived my friend asked if I wanted to listen to some music.

I thought that sounded like a nice idea, and the three of us listened as beautiful music played over their brand-new, high-end sound system. When “What a Wonderful World” came on, we all instinctively stopped talking and listened respectfully and intently as the gravelly-voiced Louis Armstrong lulled us into a good feeling about ourselves and the world. The song finished and all three of us simultaneously said, “Let’s listen to that again!”  And so we did, again and again, each time newly awestruck at the melody, words and brilliance of the recording.

In this beautiful season of spring, may each one of us remember what a wonderful world we have been given by God and inherited from our parents. May we be excellent stewards of this world-wide gift. May what we’ve been given be made better by the work of our collective hands, hearts and minds, and one day may we pass this gift on to the next generation.

Enjoy this song as we all together contemplate and appreciate anew What a Wonderful World we have!

Peace friends,


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  • Jim W says:

    On this day … I love this feeling!! Thinking about the best in people … is exactly what Christ calls us too … even as we pray for the Boston victims and those who are caring for them.

  • Mary Mikulski says:

    That was my dad’s favorite song too. When he was in the hospital the kids and I gave him one of those musical cards and he told us it was his favorite song. He had never shared that with me before. Come to think of it that is the song they played at my wedding for the father daughter dance 🙂

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