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A friend asked me to lend her a hand in her backyard garden. Landscaping would probably be a stretch to call what I do in the garden, but I do know how to plant and cut and trim and mulch and lots of other garden things. I don’t know why I dig it, I just do. (Yes, pun intended!)

I met my friend at her house. I asked if she had a plan in mind. She did not. She asked if I had a plan? I didn’t really, but could see from past attempts that some evergreen loriope had been planted in what appeared to create a separation between where a shade garden could grow and a sunnier spot where grass might grow into a bonafide lawn one day. My friend had a dozen huge variegated hostas we had dug up from the front yard to make room for something else. We separated the hostas and got nearly fifty hosta plants in total. We placed them and then planted them in between the loriope, and a real border began to emerge.

My friend has no idea what shape or form the back yard garden might take. She’s okay with that. Me? Less okay with that! I like more definition. More clarity. But what I do know is that my friend’s garden is going to be beautiful this year and in the future. It’s all okay. We can only control so much in life. Her desire for something beautiful out back will go a long way.

Here’s a  prayer I came across for all of our gardens:

The Garden Prayer

As all the earth is a garden, Lord, we ask that you bless this small piece of the earth. As Your Light shines upon us and upon this garden, giving us life, likewise help us to give light and life to others.

We ask you, Lord, to bless the water that will nourish this garden. Help the roots of our plants tap into life-giving water. Help us to always be rooted in your love and in the water of the Holy Spirit.

We ask you, Lord, to bless the soil that nourishes new life in this ground and in this community. Help us to look in awe at the mysteries of your work not yet seen. Help us to appreciate the nourishment of your earth and use it wisely.

We ask you, Lord, to bless the seeds planted here. Help them to sprout and grow. Give all new life within this garden the right conditions to grow and bear fruit in Your Light.

We ask you, Lord, for the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to best tend our garden and do your work to give life to ourselves and others.

We ask you, Lord, for a bountiful harvest, both in our garden and in our lives. Give us the wisdom to take what we need to feed ourselves and to use our abundance to the benefit of others.

Bless this garden, O Lord, and all life within it. Give us nourishment from this garden, as we feed ourselves and the entire human family through your love and your gifts.

In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.


Peace friends,


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  • Kathleen Young says:

    Thanks, Chuck. I just came in from planting tomatoes and lettuce, etc. It was good to see someone else was out playing in the dirt. Loved the prayer.

  • terry says:

    Wow … are these real pictures of your garden work … looking good !!
    So therapeutic … that garden digging & designing … very FUN!!
    Keep at it …

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