Sole to Soul: Helping Kenya’s Kids


I know you will be as inspired as I was by these three wonderful young girls who desire to help put shoes on the kids who live in the slums of Kenya, Africa.

Imagine what God is calling each of us to do?  Just imagine.

Here is an update from the ‘Sole to Soul’ Facebook page on March 13:

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! “Nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37

We got back from our trip to Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala and learned from CMF that the total for all funds donated to CMF International for Sole to Soul is now officially over $30,000!!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported this project and shared with your friends, family, and social networks.

Thank you most of all to God for answering our prayers. When we learned we had to raise $30,000 to buy shoes for 1200+ kids from the slums of Kenya it seemed so big and so impossible. But it happened!

Every one of those kids is going to be smiling with a new pair of shoes because of your generosity. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!

We can’t wait to get to Kenya this spring and deliver those shoes. We promise to take lots of pictures and post them here for everyone to see 😉

PS Since shoes are always needed for Missions of Hope and the kids in Kenya, the Sole to Soul fund will stay open and any further donations will 100% go to buying shoes for the kids in the slums of Kenya.

Peace friends,


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