Prayers for Boston



I know you all join me in prayer for the victims of the bombs at the Boston marathon today, for their family and friends, for the first responders and the medical teams. God bless them all.

It’s events like this that make it hard to believe that we really do have that “wonderful world” Louis Armstrong sings about. But, it doesn’t take long to see and hear evidence of the good that outweighs the bad …. the light that shines in darkness ….

  • Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed the finish line and continued to run to Mass General Hospital to give blood to victims, via NBC Sports Network.
  • Quick work by medical workers and first responders to set up triage and staging areas.
  • The Red Cross setting up a web page to help relatives connect with race participants.
  •  Reports of people running toward uncertainty to offer their help.
  • Bystanders offering comfort and support to the injured.

God can’t promise us a life without turmoil and troubles; but He does promise to walk with us through the bad times.

Peace, peace and more peace.


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  • Katie says:

    I find myself glued to the TV I think hoping for some breaking news that will somehow make sense of this tragedy, and yet I know it will never come. I pray that God can find a way to use this tragedy of human fault for good.

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