On the 9th Day


Many readers of this blog have told me on and off line that you love your dogs; and you all know I am unabashedly a dog lover myself. Brock is never far away from wherever I am on any given day at any given moment.

I have fond memories from my childhood when one of our neighbors down the street had a Heinz 57 dog who had a litter of 11 puppies. Every day after school I couldn’t wait until I could get inside our house, change quickly out of my school uniform and run back down the street to the Oats’ house and knock on their door to see if I could play with their puppies. I think poor old Mrs. Oats got pretty tired of me knocking, but I was never refused an opportunity to go in the backyard and play with the litter. We didn’t yet have a dog of our own, but shortly after that litter was adopted (by people I never met), our family miraculously got a German shepherd puppy of our own, and I loved him until the day God took him to heaven. (Yes, I said God took that dog – all dogs – to heaven!)

A friend of mine sent me today’s video for Just Because Monday which is called So God Made a Dog. You’ll hear,

 … and on the 9th day, God looked down on his wide-eyed children and said ‘They need a companion.’  So God made a dog.

I think this ‘Paul Harvey style’ tribute to dogs is perhaps the best description of Man’s Best Friend I’ve heard in a long while. On the 8th Day God Made A Farmer, on the 9th Day He Made A Dog. I hope all you dog lovers out there enjoy this video and will pass it on to your friends.

Peace my two-legged friends,


P.S.  Cat-lovers, be assured, I’m sure cats go to heaven too!

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  • Mike McMahon says:


    I lost my beautiful labradoodle, Chloe’ about 18 months ago. Like you, I know that our pet go to heaven and that we’ll see them again. Chloe’ was a true gift and blessing from God! On our daily walks, she used to push me in the back and the force would propel me forward and I’d tell her to stop, but she kept it up day after day. At night, while I slept, she’d put her nose under my lower back and try to flip me. One day, I got out of the shower and was drying off and caught a glance of my back in the mirror. I saw something that looked like a piece of lint and tried to brush it off…when it didn’t budge, I went and got my camera and took a photo. What I saw made my heart drop to the floor! A nasty looking mole had formed. I made an appointment right away with my GP. He looked at it and assured me that all was fine, but with fair skin and blue eyes, a yearly dermatology visit would be wise. I went back to work relieved, but soon, this feeling that something is wrong came back. Right then, I picked up the phone and called a dermatologist and made an appointment. Eight weeks later, I finally found myself in her office and took off my shirt…before I could even point out mole, she said “what is that…that looks like melanoma!!!” I told her that my doctor saw it, but said that it was nothing to worry about…she said that she’d be the judge of that and jumped into action. Needless to say, the biopsy came back positive and 5 days later, I had surgery. After that, Chloe’ never pushed me in the back or tried to flip me while I slept…I believe that she was trying to warn me of the danger that existed! That was 6 years ago…thankfully, it was caught early! Chloe’ was a “throw away” puppy, but to me, she was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. The day she died, she waited for me to come home…I had just a few moments to say good bye and tell her how much I love her and to go to God and then she peacefully passed away in my arms…again, what a blessing to be there with her! No doubt, she’s in heaven and I’ll see her again some day!

    Your Friend,


    • Chuck says:

      Mike, thank you for posting this comment and for sharing this beautiful story about your God-sent companion Chloe. Thank God you are okay and thank goodness the flipping-you-over in the dark of night has ceased! (Smile.) Peace, chuck.

  • Barbara C. says:

    Love this. When my husband was in the final phase of his battle with lung cancer, I would wake up in the middle of the night to find the space beside me in the bed empty. I would sit up and see him, sitting on the floor in front of the open door of the wood stove, basking in the heat and light of the fire, with a dog on each side, heads resting on him. . Annie and Sam brought him great comfort during those long nights.

  • Terry says:

    that just made me LAUGH and SMILE as I sit here at my desk … love dogs !!

  • Velvet says:

    Love. Love. Love. 🙂

  • ROSE says:

    Unabashed cat lovers and yes they do go to heaven! Had a dog growing up and LOVE THIS!!! Interesting as many know already that God spelled backwards is Dog!

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