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Welcome to Just Because Monday where I share a video or thought-provoking or inspirational item someone has sent to me or which I came across on my own … “just because.”

The attached video might seem to feature a guy by the name of Matt Harding, but the video really features happy joyful people dancing all over planet earth! Click on the video to see for yourself. I guarantee you cannot watch this video without smiling. See how dancing seems to transcend political boundaries and shows refreshingly innocent people enjoying life and each other and the simple pleasure of a shared dance.

Matt began his journey around the world with one trip which took him on another trip and so on. In one remote location a friend on the trip filmed Matt dancing alone in front of a famous landmark.  That led to more dancing alone in front of other famous landmarks and that film, when posted on YouTube, went viral. It wasn’t until Matt found himself dancing alone in Rwanda where there are no famous landmarks, when all of a sudden some kids from the village ran into the picture and began dancing WITH Matt that he realized he had it all wrong. The film was MUCH better with others dancing WITH Matt, rather than Matt dancing all alone. Another viral phenomenon was created and that’s the video for you today. Watch and enjoy.

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