The Crown


This weekend Christians around the world celebrate Palm Sunday. In churches great and small the Passion Narrative of Christ’s final hours will be read in every conceivable language in every imaginable grid of the globe. All the Christian world will pause to walk the final steps of Jesus again – a tribute to the One we call Our Lord. We will travel to Calvary where we will envision again the rough-hewn timber of the cross. We’ll turn away as we see nails hammered into the Son of God. Imagine the tinge of the taste of the cheap red wine the soldiers offer Christ. Listen as we hear a repentant thief’s profession of faith and wonder whether we would make the same profession today, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.”

It’s fair to say that every single aspect of this final day of Christ was orchestrated out to the final degree. Who Jesus would talk to. Who would be seen close to the cross. What Jesus would say to another. What others would say to Him. There would be a path. A whip. Spitting. Cursing. Blood. Tears. Horror. A mother. A son. A brother. A hill. A Cross. A purple cape. And a crown. A crown of thorns.

It’s stunning isn’t it to imagine the Prince of Peace, the Son of God, the Savior of the World and the crown He wore in heaven – the crown He left behind to come to earth to show us the way. Jesus went from the crown of glory where angels worshipped Him to the crown of mockery where soldiers spit on Him. Could there be any more powerful symbol of how far Jesus came … to leave where He was, to come where He knew He must in order to save us and set us free? Such evil. To spit on the Son of God. To crown Him with many thorns. All so we would not have to wander in darkness – so that we instead could live in the light. In His Light.

This weekend Christians around the world will gather together to remember.

And to never forget the depth of His love.

I’m humbled by His love. The extent to which He would go.

I know you are too.

Peace friends,


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  • terry says:

    beautiful message ….
    His LOVE just feels so good … it helps us endure so much.
    Sacrifice is powerful stuff ..

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