Straight Talkin’ with God



Here in metropolitan Washington politics there is a high premium placed on “straight talk.”  Straight talk is when you’re not hiding what you really believe or how you really feel. Unfortunately many career politicians are so concerned with being popular that a lot of what they say is half-hearted superficial rhetoric meant to dodge pointed questions, attract donors and impress voters.  Aren’t ya glad we don’t have to be that way with God!?

Our Old Testament friend Job wasn’t that way with God. After one calamity after another pounded Job into the ground, Job called out to Him demanding God explain Himself. Some might consider that risky behavior. Job had done nothing wrong and he couldn’t for the life of him understand why his life had taken such a horrible turn for the worse. Job already had lost his property, his livestock, his children, his wife, and all of his possessions. He must have been nearly out of his mind when he turned to God and challenged God to answer. God appeared to Job, and spoke to Job personally! Job was filled with humility, and his life was reordered because the Lord spoke to him. Job found blessing because he brought his frustration to God instead of running away from God.

Look at Jacob in the Old Testament. The Book of Genesis tells us how Jacob grabbed hold of God’s leg and wrestled with Him until God blessed him. How irreverent … how messy … how refreshingly real. The Lord blessed Jacob and changed him permanently; Jacob became Israel because he wrestled with God, and didn’t run away from God.

The New Testament has one example after another of individuals who cried out to God:  Bartimaeus was unashamed to cry out to Jesus in a crowd because he so despaired of his illness (Mark 10); the tax collector in Luke 18 beat his chest and wouldn’t look up when he prayed because he was acutely aware of his sin and unworthiness. In John 11 Mary told Jesus that if only He had been there her brother Lazarus would not have died. God heard all these prayers. All of them.

These folks were refreshingly real before God, and God was not dismayed. In all cases they were blessed for their desperate actions. I’d go so far as to say that God loves it when we give it to Him straight. Whatever the source of our pain, our relationship with God will not advance past that exact place until we give God some straight talk. When we feel those deep painful issues in our hearts we need to articulate them and make them a conversation piece with God. God can handle whatever we want and need to say to Him. Trust me. Trust Him.

Be brave and give it to Him! You’re in my prayers.

Peace friends,



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  • Rachel Kliewer says:

    hi this is from Rachel and Grace

    we pray every day and your real time and bible stories remind us, to have faith, but
    keep the faith real. by reflection and acts.


    the Kliewers!

  • Mary Margaret says:

    This is a keeper. It’s something to think about now and keep in mind when things get rough.

  • Terry says:

    RUNNING AWAY FROM GOD does not work …

    Alone we are weak … together we are strong

    I am going to TRUST HIM … and TALK STRAIGHT

    Smile …

  • MJ says:

    What you wrote requires humility and faith…thx for the reminder. As we heard in bible study, God doesn’t leave us….we leave Him.

  • Fred says:

    Well said Chuck!

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