See the Stars Above



I have noticed when I am stressed or in doubt my body seems to curl downward towards my naval! My shoulders slump, my head is down, my feet are more in focus than the road ahead of me.  It happens to us all. Pressures, stresses, bad news, worry … none of us can escape these things. Such is life. As we encounter the stresses of life we often cave into them and find that our very bodies have been overcome and we look downward.

May I humbly offer that when I find myself in such a posture, it helps to simply shift my gaze towards the sky, looking up and out into the horizon, sometimes tilting my head back to watch the clouds, the sun rays, the stars, even looking at others as they are going through their day.  It’s invaluable for giving our spirits perspective.

One of my friends regularly texts me to go outside and look into the sky to see a beautiful sunset, the moon rising or to look in wonder at the stars. When it is most dark outside, it is then that we can more easily see the light, even if they’re just little twinkles. So it is in life, when the darkness comes, the light will surely follow, slowly at first, but then more light comes into perspective.

So, when feeling low, when life has dealt you a tough day, look up and into the Face of God. See, and believe, that God is all around, and there’s nothing that together with God you cannot handle.

Peace friends,


P.S.  Although I took this idea of “looking up into the sky” to the max when I celebrated my 50th birthday a few years ago by going sky-diving, a simple walk outside can do the trick too!




  • MJ says:

    Chuck, I have a son who needs to read this. Thanks and please tuck a prayer in for him. I love the photo….so you and that smile.

  • Barbara C. says:

    One of the things I loved about my time as an active Cursillista was the point in a reunion group when we shared our “Moment closest to Christ” where each of us recounted where we had seen God in our life since our last meeting. Sunrises, Moon rises and the beauty of clouds often figured in my moments. I have loved this passage from A poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay since I was in grade school.
    ” But, sure, the sky is big, I said;
    Miles and miles above my head;
    So here upon my back I’ll lie
    And look my fill into the sky.
    And so I looked, and, after all,
    The sky was not so very tall.
    The sky, I said, must somewhere stop,
    And — sure enough! — I see the top!
    The sky, I thought, is not so grand;
    I ‘most could touch it with my hand!
    And reaching up my hand to try,
    I screamed to feel it touch the sky.”
    “Renascence” (1912), st. 3 Renascence and Other Poems (1917)

  • Rose says:

    My husband tells me every day as he drives along the GW Parkway to work he sees the face of God as he watches the water and the sun rising. Indeed with God all things are possible – our basic human frailties, however, constantly make us forget that simple fact as we try to take over – relax and let God!

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