Penguins – Listen to Your Heart


“Just Because Monday” …  We’ve set aside Monday as a day to share one of the  humorous, thought-provoking or inspirational items I come across …  “just because.”

The music in today’s video is called “Listen to Your Heart” by Mike Rowland; the Film is by Ruedi & Priska Abbühl.  And the penguins and beautiful scenery are brought to us by God!

(There’s a somewhat political message on the final screen; please feel free to ignore or applaud as you are so inclined.)

My main take-away was that it was a beautiful and inspiring video.  Enjoy!

peace friend,


If you’re looking for a daily online Devotional for Lent, check out this link.




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  • Rose says:

    Touchingly beautiful and let’s hope and pray these beautiful creatures who are supremely wonderful as ‘parents’ to their young are here for the next generation.

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