It’s All About Me


I didn’t know much about Mipham, the artist who put this video together, until I read the information included with the video: Mipham records albums, runs marathons, is an author and spiritual director and just happens to be a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. Through an internet search I learned that Mipham’s formal name is The Sakyong, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche, and he is one of Tibet’s highest and most respected lamas. Basically, he’s a king.  As a king, it is his life’s mission to consider other people in all aspects of his life: to love, to serve, to have empathy, compassion and respect for the other – for every other.

I’m a little embarrassed to confess how often I live the mantra, “What about me?”  How often I am a little too egocentric. The video does a good job showing us what that attitude might look like throughout the day.  And, without giving too much away, the video also does a nice job showing us that there’s hope for us all!

Enjoy the video and if you’d like, please let me know what you think the video is saying and what it means to you.  Thanks.

Peace friends,





  • Jane Cargill says:

    Wouldn’t be lovely if this would become a hit so that kids, and everyone, could hear it everyday to start their day. I do think that what we allow into our homes and our minds influence our lives.

  • Peter says:

    LOVE the music! Great job putting together the video! Very appropriate theme.

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